RAK FTZ Exective Offices


As a leading corporate player in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, RAK FTZ recognises that the role of a major organisation in the community extends beyond economic contribution. Therefore, we are committed to delivering on our corporate social responsibility objectives across a number of key activities. RAK FTZ demonstrates its ongoing commitment to CSR by promoting, supporting, organising, and participating in activities that nurture community spirit, promote a balanced lifestyle, and help preserve the emirate’s cultural and natural heritage.

Our Goals:

 Service to the Community
–We are committed to improving the lives of the people around us by contributing and partnering with non-profit organisations that share our goals and values.

Contribute to the Growth of Education – We work closely with organisations and foundations that further the causes of education and promote the Emiratisation initiative of the country. We provide training programmes within the organisation for students who would like to gain experience and pursue a career of their choice.

Caring for the Environment – We work with non-governmental organisations, partners, suppliers and policy makers to find solutions and draft initiatives to care for and preserve our environment.

Employee Health and Wellness – We are committed to the health and wellness of our employees. In early 2012, RAK FTZ launched the Healthy Employee Lifestyle Programme (HELP). This free zone-wide programme includes fitness, weight loss programmes, medical awareness campaigns and other initiatives.


Ethical and Legal Standards

RAK FTZ has a clear ethics policy, and adheres to the most stringent legal standards, operating a transparent and information-friendly company. We produce quarterly financial reports and an annual report that is made publicly available to all stakeholders

A dedicated Employee Relations section handles any and all employee issues. Additionally, in-depth employee and client surveys are regularly performed.

RAK FTZ has a separate licensing and compliance department that thoroughly screens all company applications and documents to ensure everything is firmly held to international standards.

All RAK FTZ staff working in this field are required to undergo intensive training. The free zone also operates its own system of anti-money-laundering regulations for companies in order to prevent identity theft, identity fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other kinds of illegal activity.

Working with Suppliers

All suppliers are thoroughly vetted, and are required to register with RAK FTZ before any business transaction takes place. This is designed to create a transparent and clear understanding for all concerned parties.

Helping our Workforce Grow

UAE National Programme

RAK FTZ’s UAE National Empowerment Programme has been specifically designed to attract, recruit, and develop the next generation of talented UAE Nationals. It also provides a unique opportunity for Emiratis to experience the free zone’s professional working environment and nurturing business community. The successful applicant is enrolled in one of three specialist training programmes: Graduate Employment Programme, Work Placement Programme or Summer Job Opportunities.

Applicants for RAK FTZ UAE National Programme are invited to send a resume and cover letter explaining their personal motivation to The words “UAE National Empowerment Programme” should appear in the subject line.


The cornerstone of RAK FTZ’s corporate social responsibility strategy is our focus on raising awareness about environmental issues. We are recognised as an environmental leader among the emirate’s high-profile government organisations, and the first of its kind to implement a rigorous Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) programme. The programme is designed to ensure that staff and clients adhere to National Examination Board for Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) and ISO 14001 standards, and observe Federal Environmental Protection Law (No. 24, 1999).

In both 2014 and 2015, RAK FTZ received the prestigious Environment Protection and Development Authority (EPDA) award for the Best Environmental Practices in Ras Al Khaimah.


5th International Qur’an Recitation Competition 2012 – (24 May 2012)

RAK FTZ is honoured for sponsoring the Quran Competition organised by Scholar Indian School

RAK Terry Fox Run Certificate Presentation - (12 March 2012)

RAK FTZ is one of the major donors and supporters of the Annual RAK Terry Fox Run that raises funds for cancer research in the UAE.

Annual Ceremony for blood donation supporters 2011 – (14 June 2011)

RAK FTZ receives a certificate from Saqr Hospital for participating in the Blood Donation Campaign.

Emirates Environmental Group’s (EEG) 14th Prize giving Ceremony - (5 June 2011)

RAK FTZ honoured for supporting Can Collection Drive and other EEG initiatives
RAK FTZ has been recognised as 'Best Emerging Free Zone' for three consecutive year by Middle East Logistics Awards (MELA).

SCATA - Supply Chain and Transport Awards 2009 – (June 2009)

RAK FTZ is honoured as ‘Industrial Area of the Year’ at the prestigious Supply Chain and Transport Awards (SCATA), the region’s premiere annual celebration of the Middle East logistics industry.

RAK FTZ receives the Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence Awards for the year 2009 in the category ‘Distinguished Authority in Customer Service’

RAK FTZ Quality Department is awarded the Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence Awards for the year 2009 in the category ‘Distinguished Department’ for excellence in applying processes and results criteria.

Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence Awards for the year 2008 – (2009): Jerry Williams, Director of IT, receives the award for ‘Distinguished Organised Unit Category’